Mobile and Embedded COmputing LABoratory

  • About us ...

    Our history begins in 2010 (see UC news) with the vision that MECOLAB will be a student chapter that will become another key part of the gear for an innovation ecosystem for the development of the country.


    The mission of MECOLAB is to promote the development, research and generation of projects in the areas of mobile computing and embedded computing among students at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


    This mission is founded on the fact that the rapid innovation and proliferation of embedded mobile devices and hardware, such as smartphones and sensor networks, are transforming the way people access information and make use of services. This technology is about to become the dominant platform in different work environments because it provides access to all kinds of personalized content and services anytime, anywhere.


    Computer Science Department, Engineering School, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

    Andres Neyem, Professor.

    Jaime Navon, Professor.

    Jose Ignacio Benedetto, PhD Student.

    Juan Sebastian Rojas, MSc Student.

    Alberto Leon, Student.

    David Galemiri, Student.

    Nicolás Gebauer, Student.

    Luis Cubillos, Student.

    Andrés Matte, Student.

    Vicente Opaso, Student.


    Department of Electrical and Electronic, DUOC, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

    Oscar Loyola, Professor.

    Christian Acuña, Student.

    Fernando Zurita, Student.

    Marco Mendoza, Student.

  • What we do ...


    The Educational Tool is a software platform designed for software engineering education offers all the necessary features that allow for project traceability and has been integrated with a proven capstone course framework implementation to ensure the proper fulfillment of most academic and engineering needs. It is an integral cloud-based project tracking platform for both professional and learning environments, built from the ground up to support most of the requirements of agile projects.